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Clients Depend On Prestige Communications For A Competitive Edge

Prestige Communications is your teleservices solution. We customize an array of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients—from doctor’s offices and real estate agents to plumbers and pledge drives for non-profit fundraisers.

We listen to your challenges and your goals, and then create a communications program to meet your needs…and your budget. There are no mandatory contracts, so you can easily change the services you need from Prestige.

Whether you’re caring for other customers or patients, on a family vacation, or driving in rush-hour traffic, your callers don’t have to know where you are.

Prestige Communications can provide just about any service that involves answering the phone or making calls as your out-sourced staff, but our most common services include:


    Answering Service/ Virtual Receptionists


    24/7 Messaging & On-Call Dispatching


    Customer Service — Inbound & Outbound


    Market Research & Marketing Call Center


    Emergency Backup & Preparedness

Answering Service/Virtual Receptionists

Prestige Communications is your one-stop resource for professional teleservices that will help you grow your practice or business…and will help you keep your patients or customers happy. We’re also your one-stop resource for peace of mind and freedom.

We triage calls based on your instructions, which can be easily modified from one day to another…from one member of your staff to another, based on personal preferences. The process of forwarding phones to Prestige is as simple as pressing a few buttons, yet callers usually don’t realize the professional on the phone is not sitting in your office.

Prestige understands the importance of each caller's privacy and adheres to strict guidelines and processes; we are HIPAA compliant.

And, while we know your reputation is priceless, our services are affordably priced. You are only charged for actual phone time…not a penny more (we don’t round up to the next minute), with no cost for admin or down-time.

24/7 Messaging & On-Call Dispatching

The professional communications specialists at Prestige Communications are available 24/7 to represent you and get messages to you when and how you choose—via text, email, pager, or phone call. When a caller has an after-hours emergency, you have Prestige.

Prestige Communications will get and give information to after-hours callers, and will communicate with the individual who is on-call and/or will facilitate dispatching an after-hours emergency call…all based on the instructions you provide to your Prestige team.

To save you even more money and improve efficiency, Prestige Communications can write and/or record an automated message that can answer routine questions that do not require live receptionist time, including directions to your office or business hours; an option for a live agent is always included, however.

Customer Service—Inbound & Outbound

Beyond answering the phones for clients during the day or after the office is closed, Prestige Communications provides a variety of customer service services—knowing that communication is vital to building relationships with customer or patients.

Some of the most common services include:

  • post-service/product delivery follow-up calls/quality assurance calls
  • daily “check-in” calls (especially popular for senior caregivers and families)
  • product recalls
  • dealer/store locator
  • mystery shopping for companies training staff
  • 24-hour information hotlines
  • technology “help desk” for level one service

Market Research & Marketing Call Center

Marketing services are growing in popularity as online marketing “levels the playing field” between large companies and entrepreneurs. The enhanced image of a small company is even greater when customer service is outsourced to the professional communications specialists at Prestige.

Prestige Communication offers outbound and inbound capabilities, which are ideal for companies to easily implement Market Research Surveys and to handle calls and develop a database for clients who launch ad campaigns or marketing initiatives, including:

  • literature/information request
  • orders for products
  • lead generation
  • appointment setting and confirmation
  • event registration

Emergency Backup & Preparedness

Despite the increasing number of natural disasters and extreme weather events, many organizations fail to have an Emergency Preparedness Plan in place. If you haven’t made arrangements for your phones to be answered in the event of an emergency, or just a temporary power outage, then Prestige is here to help. Not only will we answer your phones when you cannot, but Prestige Communications can also call your customers or patients to cancel or change scheduled appointments.

For a modest one-time investment to create your account and input your instructions, Prestige Communications will be your emergency backup—giving peace of mind for you and your callers. If you never have your phones go down, you won’t pay us another penny.

And, if phones at Prestige are affected by the same emergency as your office, rest assured that our phones are programmed to automatically forward to other professional answering services in unaffected regions of the US.

While having your phones answered is only part of a good Emergency Preparedness Plan, it is one of the most important considerations.